What to Say After a Car Accident When the Adjuster Calls—Weston’s Top Personal Injury Layer Explains

Florida is a no fault insurance state so you might ask yourself why would you ever need to consult with a Weston car accident attorney if you are injured in an accident? With no fault, your own insurance company, the one you have been faithfully paying premiums to each month, is responsible for taking care of your injuries. If your own insurance company is the one paying the bill, why would you need to be represented by a personal injury lawyer? It’s not like you are fighting the other guy’s insurance.

Unfortunately, too often you wind up fighting your own insurance company. Yes you have been paying them forever and now it’s their turn to pay you but too many times that becomes a continuous transaction.

What is the Insurance Company’s Job?
When the Florida legislature folded to the insurance lobby and passed the no fault law, the idea was it would eliminate nuisance personal injury lawsuits. No lawsuits means the insurance company saves a ton of money and the tradeoff was supposed to be significantly lower premiums. Florida however, has the second most expensive auto insurance in the country.

What went wrong? Think about it. An insurance company is in business to make money. The condition of the competitive marketplace pretty much determines what their income will be. The way to maximize that income is to keep costs (claims paid out) low. Their job is to pay you as little as they can legally get away with.
When you first interact with the company’s claims adjuster, he or she will appear to have your best interests at heart. They will tell you that they are there to help and get you through the event. And after you have followed all there instructions, then and only then will you discover that they are only interested in minimizing the payout.
That’s when you wish you had a Weston car accident attorney.
So here are a few tips on how to initially handle a personal injury claim.
• If you don’t need immediate medical transport, get names and contact info of witnesses.
• Take photos of your vehicle and any other cars or objects involved in the accident.
• Notify your insurance company but do not offer details and do not admit guilt.
• If you are injured, get to a doctor immediately. Get a list of tests that the doctor has or intends to run on you.
• When the claims adjustor contacts you, he or she will want to take a recorded statement. Refuse the recorded statement and insist that the adjustor just use his or her notes to detail your account. A recording can be submitted to court. Adjuster notes require that the adjuster actually has to be present and they shy away from that. Better yet, engage a Weston personal injury law firm like Martin, Lister & Alvarez and tell the adjuster that all future communication has to go through your legal representatives.

The number one mistake people in accidents make, is not promptly seeking medical attention. Make sure you do that then call our office or submit your case for a free evaluation. We are an experienced team with proven results and we will give you an honest, no pie in the sky analysis of your case. Contact us today.