Sunrise Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you believe you have suffered an injury as the result of medical malpractice then your next step should be getting a free case review from Martin, Lister & Alvarez the premiere Sunrise medical malpractice lawyers. In Florida the medical malpractice laws strongly favor the defendant thanks to a very politically active medical community and influential lobbyists of the insurance industry. Medical malpractice is a legal specialty that not all attorneys are qualified to handle.

Martin, Lister and Alvarez is completely qualified and has a proven track record of successfully delivering fair and just settlements and verdicts (yes, unlike some law firms we will take your case to litigation if that’s what it takes to win) for our clients.

We Understand Your Anger and Frustration But…

There is probably no injury that is more “personal” than the one you receive at the hands of a person or organization that you sought out for healthcare. As a result you are likely to have a stronger emotional motivation to seek justice and punish the healthcare provider…but it doesn’t mean you have a medical malpractice case.

You have to prove the following:

  • A physician or other medical professional made an error while treating you
  • You were harmed by that error

Simply being dissatisfied with the results of a procedure, therapy or prescribed medication typically is not enough to prove that you were harmed. If for example you had a cosmetic surgeon straighten your nose and you could still detect what you consider a defect…you did not suffer any harm. However if the surgeon perfectly straightened your nose but you contracted an infection as a result of septic conditions that resulted in hospitalization or additional surgery…then you definitely have suffered harm

The other issue is proving that the medical professional made an error and this becomes the battle of the expert witnesses. Errors are defined as an act or failure to act that is outside the standard of care generally practiced by other medical professionals.

It can get murky and insurance companies will play a full court press because verdicts can run into serious dollars. This means most medical malpractice suits take a long time and you need a Sunrise attorney firm who has the resources and resolve to see it through.

First thing first. Submit your details to us today and we will do a careful case review and be back to you as soon as it is complete!