A Slip and Fall Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale You Can Rely On

If you have been injured because of a slip and fall accident you need to contact an expert slip and fall lawyer in Fort Lauderdale at your earliest opportunity. There may be time limits associated with your case and the earlier you consult with the qualified personal injury lawyers at Martin, Lister & Alvarez, PLC the better.

Slip and fall injuries can be tricky. Obviously if the fall creates an injury at the time the accident occurred like a sprained or broken limb you are going to require immediate medical attention. However, a slip and fall injury may not become evident until days after the event particularly if you struck your head. It’s always prudent to seek out immediate medical evaluation to determine if there is an injury.

There’s another reason you want to determine if there is an injury as soon after the event as possible. In 2010 there was a change in the law which shifted the burden of proof from the property owner to the plaintiff. The more time that passes the more difficult it becomes to prove that negligent conditions existed at the time of the event.

You need a slip and fall lawyer who has the experience and the resources to fully investigate the case.

Martin, Lister & Alvarez – Your Slip and Fall Legal Team for Fort Lauderdale

If you have a slip and fall injury call the personal injury specialists at Martin, Lister & Alvarez, PLC. Consultations are always free and if we accept your case we will pursue it until you get a fair and just settlement or judgment. You never pay us anything until you get paid.

We have extensive experience dealing with nearly every insurance company licensed to operate in Florida. We understand what motivates them, what negotiation tactics they use and how to pressure them for a fair settlement. More importantly we do not hesitate to press for litigation when a reasonable settlement is unlikely. We are on the case until you get a fair award.

Make the call to Martin, Lister & Alvarez today or use our convenient Free Consultation form located on the lower left of our website. Remember, with slip and fall cases time is an enemy. Contact us today and let us evaluate your case.