Expert Fort Lauderdale Premises Liability Attorneys Protect Your Rights Under Florida Law

If you have been injured on somebody else’s property, be it a commercial establishment, a private residence or even your workplace you may want to consult with a law firm specializing in Fort Lauderdale premises liability cases. Martin, Lister & Alvarez has successfully represented hundreds of Fort Lauderdale clients in premises liability lawsuits and is always available to assist you with a free consultation.

There are injuries and then there are injuries. If your injury is “self-inflicted” because of your own behavior (a skiing accident for example) that’s a tough learning lesson but you were aware of the risks. However, most day to day activities are of the “risk free” variety where you don’t expect to be hurt like grocery shopping, visiting the neighbor, attending a concert or other public event. When you are injured while doing one of these types of activities, the owner of the property may be liable for any expenses you incur like medical bills, lost wages and even compensation for the emotional distress and pain that the injury causes.

However, premises liability cases are rarely cut and dried affairs and that’s why you need a law firm that is current on premises liability cases and who has a track record of successfully representing clients in their property liability lawsuits. In Fort Lauderdale that law firm is Martin, Lister & Alvarez.

The Longer You Wait the Tougher It Gets

We understand that when you are injured your first concern is taking care of yourself and your family but we encourage you to contact us as soon after the injury as possible. There is a statute of limitations on filing cases but the more important issue is gathering evidence as shortly after the event as possible.

The more time that passes means the more difficult it is to locate witnesses, the more time for the physical evidence to be modified (a hand rail is installed where one didn’t exist before) and the more difficult it is to obtain records from the defendant.

Call us today and arrange a consultation with one of our expert premises liability lawyers. We guarantee that you will be happy that you did.