Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Personal injury verdicts and settlements vary by case as the facts differ in each individual situation.  No firm can guarantee that you will have great results in every case.  If you have a serious injury, then you need a personal injury settlement attorney  with experience.   Martin, Lister & Alvarez lawyers in Weston have successfully handled and settled many personal injury cases for their clients in Florida and other states.  The below personal injury verdicts and settlements are a few of the results settled by these personal injury lawyers located in Weston, Florida.

Renia Perez vs. Detroit 15 Passenger Van Manufacturer, et al

An adult women’s soccer team returning from Atlanta was involved in a minor accident causing the van to swerve out of control at which time the van rolled over several times on I-75 outside of Cordele, Georgia. Representing several of the passengers who had a multitude of injuries, we made allegations against the manufacturer of design and manufacture defects that led to problems with the handling and stability of the van. The case was settled at mediation for all parties in excess of $10,000,000.

Juan Gonzalez and Ivette Gonzalez, individually and as natural parents of Priscilla Gonzalez, a minor child, vs. Hernandez Ornamental, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez had just recently installed an aluminum fence and electric driveway gate system. Priscilla, two years old at the time, was pulling on the large driveway gate when it came off its track and struck her. She sustained a large hematoma to the brain and suffered from learning disabilities and vision deficits. The case was settled at trial for seven figures.

Ricardo Fernandez, et al vs. Performance First, Inc., a Michigan Corporation, et al

Ricardo Fernandez lost his arm in a wood chipper when his sleeve was caught by limb. Allegations were made against the manufacturer defects of: defective design, manufacture, failure to warn and failure to implement available safety features. The manufacturer claimed that Mr. Fernandez was responsible for his injuries for failing to heed warnings by reaching into the infeed pan of the chipper. According to the defense attorney, our firm was the first in the country to obtain an Order allowing a claim for punitive damages. The case settled at mediation for seven figures.

Cunningham vs. Kawasaki Motorcycle

Plaintiff sustained a crushed leg when the kickstand malfunctioned during the ordinary operation of the bike. Allegations were made against the manufacturer of the defective design, manufacture and failure to warn. Jury verdict—$4,800,000.

John Doe vs. Broward County Dump Truck Co.

Mr. Doe, an employee of Road Once was assisting a disabled motorist on I-75 south of Pines Boulevard. The operator of the dump truck left the roadway striking Mr. Doe’s tow truck and hit Mr. Doe who was standing off the shoulder of the roadway. The defendant’s tow truck was cited with several violations of the DOT rules and regulations. The case settled before trial for $3,900,000.

England vs. District School Board of Monroe County

Joshua England, a special education student suffered a near drowning while under the supervision of school board personnel. He was left in a coma. Under theory of negligent hiring and supervision the case was agreed to be settled for $3,500,000. The firm was successful in having their claim’s bill approved by the Florida legislature.

Perez vs. Graphic Productions

Mr. Perez, a married father of one, was a pedestrian crossing a street near a police investigation when he was hit and killed by a distracted driver. The defendant claimed that Mr. Perez was responsible for his demise by not crossing at a crosswalk and failure to pay attention. The use of forensic animation was utilized to impress the jury that the defendant driver had ample opportunity to appreciate Mr. Perez’s presence and avoid the accident. Jury verdict—$1,300,000.

John Doe vs. Japanese Backhoe Manufacturer

Mr. Doe sustained an amputation of his leg below the knee when the backhoe he was operating rolled over. Allegations were made against the manufacturer of: defective design, manufacture and failure to warn. The defendant alleged that the plaintiff failed to utilize his safety belt. The case was settled after trial for $1,250,000.

Jane Doe vs. Coconut Grove Apartments

Jane Doe, a single mother of two years was shot and killed by an assailant in the parking lot while she visited a friend who resided in the apartment complex. The defendant alleged the deceased, an off-duty police officer, was responsible for her own injuries because she drew her service revolver and engaged the assailant. Allegations were made that the apartment complex should have had increased security based on the high crime area and previous criminal acts on the property. The case was settled prior to trial for $1,300,000.

Jane Doe vs. Uninsured Motorist Insurance Company

Jane Doe was riding her bicycle when an uninsured motorist struck her, fracturing her pelvis and leg. Although Mrs. Doe only had a policy of insurance providing $300,000 worth of uninsured motorist benefits, we were able to prove the insurance company acted in bad faith and achieved a settlement of four times the actual amount of insurance, totaling $1,200,000.

Fields vs. Sun Supermarkets

Mrs. Fields was shopping at Sun Supermarkets when she was struck in the eye by a roll of toilet paper, causing her to lose her vision. We alleged that the toilet paper was thrown by a stock boy and sued under a theory of negligent hiring and negligent supervision. Jury verdict—$1,000,000.

Idella Johnson, et al vs. Synergy Gas Corporation

The father of the minor child plaintiff was killed when he lit a match and his house exploded due to a large amount of LP gas situated therein. The defendants claimed he intentionally let gas into the house to kill his wife after the police investigation was complete. We alleged that the defendant did not follow their procedures when it became obvious that LP gas was no longer required for that residence. Further, allegations were made against the landlord for having unqualified and untrained personnel cut and cap the gas line which led to the ultimate gas leak. Jury verdict—$940,000.

Chrisine Dadomo vs. Ivonne Romano, et al

Ms. Dadomo was involved in an intersection accident where she sustained a fracture to her wrist requiring a surgical plate. She received a 6% disability rating from her treating physician. Ms. Dadomo, a recent graduate of design school was attempting to obtain work in the fashion industry as a fashion stylist. Through expert testimony in the fashion field we were able to show a loss of potential income due to her inability to work as a result of the injury. Settled before trial for $560,000.