Pembroke Pines Personal Injury Lawyer

Victims of serious personal injury are a special class of folks that desperately need sound legal advice and in Pembroke Pines that means consulting with the professional personal injury attorneys at Martin, Lister & Alvarez.  If you have suffered from a slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice or a faulty product or service Martin, Lister & Alvarez can end the confusion and uncertainty you are feeling and end the calls from insurance adjusters hounding you to settle.

Our personal injury lawyers understand that you probably hurt, may be in financial stress, and would just like things to get back to normal. Our job is to lend a sympathetic ear, evaluate the event, map out a plan for you and then act as your representative defending your rights and seeking a fair settlement or verdict. Your job is to focus on getting well and that can be a draining task all on its own. You don’t need the stress of a lawsuit on top of that. We have you covered.

Pembroke Pines Personal Injury Attorneys With a Difference

Martin, Lister & Alvarez is not a volume law practice. We don’t take every case we are presented with. We look for people who have been seriously injured and have valid reason to seek justice from others whose negligence caused their pain and distress. When your case is accepted you are not just a case number but a client with a face, feelings and a problem that we have committed to resolve with your best interests protected.

Like most Pembroke Pines personal injury lawyers, Martin, Lister & Alvarez works on contingency. That means you owe us nothing for our services unless we win your case. Unlike many Pembroke Pines personal injury attorneys we never accept a less than fair settlement just to collect a fee.

We have the experience, resources and a proven track record that demonstrates we will go to the mat, to include litigation, to get what you deserve. When your client is legitimately injured it’s easy to put on a full court press against the insurance companies.

If you are injured, and you want professional, caring representation from a Pembroke Pines personal injury lawyer, we invite you to complete our free case evaluation form today. We will be back to you promptly.