Naples Area Lawyer Answers 5 FAQs About Brain Injury Cases


If a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or spinal cord injury and the injury involved negligence on the part of another or a product that failed to work as advertised, you need to consider seeking the guidance of a Naples traumatic brain injury lawyer. These types of catastrophic injuries potentially involve very large settlements or verdicts and insurance companies throw everything they have into defending against a claim.

You need a qualified spinal cord injury lawyer with the experience required to level the playing field and get you a fair and just resolution.

You’ve Got Questions

Family of loved ones who have experienced a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury are typically overwhelmed with the dramatic changes in lifestyle and the crushing financial pressure that these accidents cause. Depending on the circumstances, a law suit may be filed to seek compensation for the expense of the injury and loss of function caused by the injury.

To determine if you have this route available to you, you need to consider:

  1. Was there negligence involved? Negligence implies an action (or lack of action) by an individual or legal entity that directly led to the injury. Not surprisingly, car accidents are the leading cause of TBI and spinal cord injuries. The obvious target in these cases is the other driver however negligence could extend to road workers or even a lack of warning signs. Of course cars are not the only cases involving negligence. Slip and falls, assaults, and more fall into this category.
  2. The second most common law suit is for products that fail causing the injury. A step stool that advertises it can support 250 pounds that collapses when a 150 pound man steps on it, may be responsible for damages. In a product liability situation you may have a case against the retailer, distributor, manufacturer or even the designer.
  3. Types of compensation include not only the initial medical expenses associated with the injury, but ongoing expenses which can be a much bigger number. TBI and spinal injuries typically result in some form of disability which will impact on the victim’s ability to return to work or to comparable work. Any loss in wages, over a lifetime, may be part of a lawsuit.
  4. When was the TBI diagnosed? Florida law has become very restrictive on the amount of time a person has to claim a TBI or spinal cord injury. If you have gone beyond the time allowed you need a talented law firm to convince a court to allow a lawsuit to go forward.
  5. Are you prepared for this? Probably not. You are probably stressing over what to do next. The answer to that question, at least as far as your rights to sue is, see an experienced injury law firm like Martin, Lister & Alvarez to get the compassionate and fair evaluation of your situation. Get a plan. Put some organization in your life and move forward dealing with the new circumstances with the help of professional representation.

In Florida you don’t want to hesitate contacting an attorney. Submit your information for a free case evaluation now!