Malpractice Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale – Put Our Experience to Work Representing You Against The Insurance Companies

If you live in Fort Lauderdale and you are considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit you need to talk to an experienced malpractice lawyer at Martin, Lister & Alvarez, Fort Lauderdale’s most experienced malpractice law firm.

In Florida, malpractice law is most definitely a specialized field full of challenges just getting a case filed much less proving liability. This is an area of the law where experience and up to date knowledge of current malpractice decisions is essential in putting on a successful argument. Thanks to the Florida Medical Association and the Florida insurance industry, the state has perhaps the most complex and convoluted rules and law regarding malpractice in the country.

You Need “Experienced Representation” to be Successful in a Malpractice Lawsuit

Serious malpractice cases can potentially involve significant sums and when significant sums are a possibility the insurance company will spare no cost to block, delay and beat a Plaintiff’s suit. You need experienced representation to take on these financial giants to negotiate a fair and just settlement or litigate for a favorable verdict. Martin, Lister & Alvarez is your best choice for a Fort Lauderdale malpractice law firm.

Financial and emotional stress is common with any personal injury lawsuit but it is amplified when the negligence originates from a professional you pay to heal or cure you. Our malpractice lawyers  understand the stresses and take a sympathetic approach to these cases. When you engage us you are a client, a human being…not just a case number.

Time is of the essence in a malpractice lawsuit. The statute of limitations for malpractice filings is half that of other negligence based lawsuits.  Call us today to arrange an appointment for a free comprehensive case review.

We will be able to suggest strategies, give you an idea of what your case will be worth and explain the legal process. If we go forward with your case we will always keep you informed on the status but our approach is to involve you in the process as little as possible. Your job is to get on with your life our job is to aggressively push your case forward.

Don’t put it off, call today for your case review.