Car Accident Lawyer Davie FL

A car accident lawyer in Davie, such as Martin, Lister and Alvarez are there to defend the injured person.  When a motor vehicle collides with another automobile, animal, person, debris or other obstructions, that is considered a car accident.  Often time car accidents lead to injuries, property damage or even death.

Davie, Florida has its fair share of intoxicated or negligent drivers that cause problems for innocent drivers or pedestrians.  These car accidents are the cause of most personal injury claims in the US and why a car accident attorney in Davie is necessary to help determine who is a fault or negligent if a car accident occurs from driver error, loss of time, loss of property or loss of life.  If the person operates a vehicle negligently and causes the accident, the plaintiff’s injuries may be reimbursed.  That is the reason why the injured person should contact a Davie car accident lawyer to seek compensation for damages. Martin, Lister and Alvarez have over 80 years of combined experience in helping victims of car accidents.  Call them today for a free consultation with an experience Personal Injury lawyer at 954-659-9322 or toll free at 1-866-418-6222.