A Fort Lauderdale Automobile Accident Law Firm That Cares About You – Not Just the Case

If you are involved in a Fort Lauderdale automobile accident you can almost be assured that you are in for a period of inconvenience ranging from a temporary lack of transportation to serious injury and financial loss. Having an automobile accident in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere else in Florida, can be a disruptive and confusing event…something you really don’t need in your busy life.

Florida is a no-fault insurance state meaning your insurance company is responsible for your damages and to a limited extent, your injuries. If however, you have suffered a permanent disability, scarring or if there was a fatality then you can seek compensation from the liable party.

Not every accident needs an automobile accident attorney obviously, but if you suffered serious injury or financial loss you should consult with an experienced, professional personal injury law firm to see what your options are. You need to consult one of the automobile accident lawyers at Martin, Lister & Alvarez!

Take the Hassle Out of Automobile Accidents and Get Back to Your Life Quickly

At Martin, Lister & Alvarez we have handled hundreds of automobile accidents for residents of Fort Lauderdale and we understand the inconveniences and hassles that plaintiffs can face when pursuing compensation for their injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. At our law firm our objective is to keep our clients minimally involved in the lawsuit.

When Martin, Lister & Alvarez represent you it means an end to:

  • Calls from adjusters
  • Calls and letters from the defendant’s attorney
  • Collection calls for unpaid hospital, pharmacy, ambulance service and doctor’s care.

Our job is to handle the entire case. Your job is to focus on getting well.

There is a statute of limitations in Florida for filing an automobile accident lawsuit. We highly encourage you to call us and schedule a free consultation at your earliest convenience. What you do, and don’t do, shortly after the accident can have a major impact on how the case will be resolved.

Meet with one of our friendly automobile accident attorneys, explain the events and he or she will advise you on what your case may be worth in terms of compensation and map out an effective strategy to go forward.

Like always, MLA accepts no fees until the case is favorably settled or litigated in your favor. Call us today!